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Sentence Bingo | BUNDLE

6 Contextualized sentence bingo games for Novice Spanish learners.

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Bundle of 6 products
Beginner (Level 1), Novice (Levels 1-2)
Google Drive, PDF

These LOTERÍA games are unlike anything you will buy in a catalog! Instead of hearing isolated words, the teacher reads sentences to students as they search for pictorial representations of the sentence on their LOTERÍA boards. This is a great way to turn a traditional vocabulary game into an input-rich activity.

Included games:

Each game includes 40 LOTERÍA boards, 45 sentence cards, and student keys are included for each set, and it includes resources to play either in a traditional classroom space, with printable boards, or virtually with digital/paperless boards.


  • I loved how easy it is to understand this. My students loved this. It was engaging and interesting to them. Thank you for creating this low prep activity!

    Abish L.
  • I really, really love these Bingo games that give repetitions in CONTEXT rather than isolated words. 

    Marcela Casco
  • I loved the bingo activity. I used it first as a bingo and the next day I gave the students the bingo cards and they had to write a sentence that match the picture.

    Ciara A.
  • Love love love these bingo games!! Such a great spin on the classic bingo that really feels like learning and acquiring language instead of just memorizing. My kids love them too! Everyone is engaged. 

  • My students loved this game. It was an excellent way to practice prepositions of location. This was exactly what I wanted; legitimate, engaging practice.

    Julee S.
  • My kids love these bingo games. I love the visual cues that help to connect the meanings of the words.

    Alexandra T.
  • I love the sentence bingos because it forces students to think deeper while also acquiring vocabulary!

    Sara H.

Sentence Bingo | BUNDLE

$22.00 $28.00
$22.00 $28.00

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