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Puede Le gusta Sentence Bingo

Contextualized sentence bingo featuring comparisons vocabulary in Spanish

Beginner (Level 1), Novice (Levels 1-2)
50 Pages

This LOTERÍA game is unlike anything you will buy in a catalog! Instead of hearing isolated words, the teacher reads sentences to students as they search for pictorial representations of the sentence on their LOTERÍA boards. This is a great way to turn a traditional vocabulary game into an input-rich activity.

This game features the high-frequency verbs puede and le gusta and pairs with Somos 1 Unit 2.5 or Somos 1 Unit 7. A vocabulary slide is included so that students can confidently interpret each sentence, even if some of the past tense constructions are new to them.

Sample sentences:

  • Mis amigos y yo podemos hablar árabe.
  • Al niño no le gusta ver televisión.
  • El monstruo puede jugar al fútbol.
  • Al robot le gusta correr rápidamente.

40 LOTERÍA boards, 60 cards, and student keys are included for each set, and it includes resources to play either in a traditional classroom space, with printable boards, or virtually with digital/paperless boards.

  • I loved how easy it is to understand this. My students loved this. It was engaging and interesting to them. Thank you for creating this low prep activity!

    Abish L.
  • I love that when playing this game, we are using Spanish ALL THE TIME! I really like that we are not using word but sentences and that makes students pay more attention and use language as a whole and not only chunks. LOVE THIS!

    Daniela Ariza
  • My students loved playing this game, and I loved giving them so many repetitions of "puede." They were engaged for a whole period just playing this game. 

    Kyle F.
  • It took me some time to make copies and laminate, but now I have it for future use. My students really enjoyed this and asked to play again. 

    Suzanne K.
  • Love love love these bingo games!! Such a great spin on the classic bingo that really feels like learning and acquiring language instead of just memorizing. My kids love them too! Everyone is engaged. 


Puede Le gusta Sentence Bingo


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