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El Día de los Muertos Strip Bingo 1522699 1

El Día de los Muertos Strip BINGO in Spanish

Learn about El Día de Muertos with this popular game for Free.

Beginner (Level 1), Intermediate (Levels 2-4)
6 Pages
30 minutes

This deceptively unprovocative game is an easy way to celebrate Day of the Dead in your Spanish 1+ classes. Students will learn about the holiday during the game as they listen to a simple, first-person reading about what one family does to celebrate this holiday.


  • Several students specifically asked to play Spanish bingo, and I was so excited to find this resource. It is especially valuable for me as a newer, non-Hispanic Spanish teacher as I did not have much background with this holiday.

    Jadyn L.
  • This was a fun way to use the language and engage in a new way. Thank you for giving me the ideas and making it easy with already prepped language! 

    Tiffany H.
  • My students love playing Strip BINGO. This was a great way to engage them while also providing comprehensible language relating to Day of the Dead. 

    Profe Pompey
  • I loved playing strip bingo with my students about Dia de Los Muertos. I modify this to make it a team activity and my students always find it super engaging. It gets them reading and talking with the vocab that I've scaffold-ed for them throughout the week. 

    Miss Senorita King
  • My upper school Spanish student got quite a kick out of this game of Bingo with a twist. What a cute idea - and a perfect activity to review vocabulary related to Day of the Dead. 

    Sandra H.

El Día de los Muertos Strip BINGO in Spanish


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