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El Día de Muertos Flex | Level 2 Spanish

Fully aligned lesson plans and materials for digital and hybrid situations for Novice and Intermediate.

Novice (Levels 1-2), Intermediate (Levels 2-4)
Google Drive
1 week

This set of unit plans will allow your students to explore el Día de Muertos, as it is celebrated in Mexico, with Level 2 Spanish students that have done extensive reading of language learner texts in Level 1. This unit was written by Martina Bex and Nelly Andrade-Hughes, and it expands on the language and knowledge shared in the Level 1 Flex unit. The Level 1 flex unit is not a prerequisite to understanding this material. The topics covered include:

  • ¿Qué es el Día de Muertos?
  • La Catrina
  • La leyenda de la flor de cempasúchil
  • Los alebrijes
  • Las mariposas monarca y el Día de Muertos

A text is provided for each of the topics. The texts average between 200-300 words in Spanish and use multiple tenses (past and present). Students that are comfortable interpreting the Sweet 16 verbs in context will likely feel confident working through this unit. If students are not confident readers in multiple time frames and with informational texts rich in content-specific vocabulary, consider instead working with the Level 1 Flex plans. In programs that do not involve extensive reading in Levels 1 and 2, these plans might be a better fit for Levels 3 and 4.

The plans are laid out for 5+ days of 45+ minute instruction. As with all of our Flex units, daily lesson plans are provided for multiple instructional contexts. Materials and instructions for every single activity are provided for the following contexts:

  • Classroom students (attending class at school)
  • Livestream students (that are attending classes being taught at the school from home)
  • Synchronous virtual students (teacher + students are in class together in Zoom or other video conferencing software)
  • Asynchronous virtual students (working independently on course material).

All readings are in Spanish, and all tasks provided for authentic resources are appropriate for Level 1 Spanish students.


This product includes some PDFs and some Google Slides resources. The Google Slides resources will work with any Google-compatible Learning Management System (such as Google Classroom, Schoology, or Canvas), and they can be downloaded as a Powerpoint for use in Microsoft TEAMS.


  • Wonderful activities that helped with both my in class and quarantined/absent students. 

    Tina H.
  • Amazing resource!!! Had a variety of activities for students to engage with!

    Marisol M.
  • I'm still using the flex even though we're in person now!! That's how great these resources are!

    Margaret Gillen
  • I didn't get this in time for this year, so both my 1s and 2s did the level 1 flex plans for DDM but next year I will use this with my twos. Looks great as always. Thank you!

    KJ Educational Resources
  • My students love learning about cultural celebrations more than anything and these flex units are great in providing options for your specific needs!

    Brittany O.

El Día de Muertos Flex | Level 2 Spanish


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