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Las Mariposas Monarcas 4150732 1 El Dia de los Muertos covers and previews 12 El Dia de los Muertos covers and previews 14 El Dia de los Muertos covers and previews 16

Independent reading and activity intended to be used as an alternative assignment for El Día de Muertos. 

Beginner (Level 1), Novice (Levels 1-2)
12 Pages
3 days

These materials are designed specifically for students whose families have requested that they not learn about El Día de los Muertos. The assignments will fill 3-5, 45 minute class periods with independent, self-guided work (depending on student pace). The materials are designed for you to be able to print them out and hand them to your students that need an alternate assignment--nothing more!

The materials are ONLY about Monarch butterflies and Michoacán, and they do not mention El Día de los Muertos. The readings will be most accessible for students in their second year of Spanish. Students in Year 1 could complete Steps 1-2 and 6-7 below; possibly Steps 3-4.

The materials include elements from existing products, so please consider how many of the elements you might already own before making the purchase. Worksheets are included for each of the activities so that students can complete them with ease:

  1. READ La mariposa Magdalena (simple story in Spanish)
  2. CREATE an original version of the Magdalena
  3. READ Las mariposas monarcas (from Las mariposas monarcas y el Día de los Muertos).
  4. MAKE a Chain Reaction activity about the Mariposas monarcas reading (from Textivities bundle).
  5. READ Vamos de viaje / Michoacán (from Lecturas Diarias Semana 4)
  6. WATCH a video about Michoacán (on YouTube).
  7. COMPLETE a research project about Michoacán.
  8. READ Preocupante migración tardía de mariposas monarcas (from EMETM)
  9. SUMMARIZE the article with a Shrinking Summary (from Textivities bundle)


  • My students loved this resource! I will continue to use this yearly. There are several students who need this alternate activity.

    Bridget C.
  • My students enjoyed this new twist on the Day of the Dead lesson. They enjoyed the reading and we colored mariposas that were displayed outside of our classroom. It was so pretty!

    Lauren A.
  • Thanks for this alternative lesson, it was a game changer for those students who refrain from direct activities with Day of the Dead. Great lesson.

    Maria Teresa G.
  • My students loved learning about the butterflies so this was the perfect resource to make the language accessible for them. They loved it and I loved it!!

    Suzanne M.
  • Great time-saving resource! Students of all levels found this interesting so this was a helpful addition to our unit. Thank you for your hard work.

    Sandra R.

Las mariposas monarcas


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