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El Día de Muertos and Las Mariposas Monarcas

Learn about the connection between Monarch butterflies and the Day of the Dead.

Novice (Levels 1-2), Intermediate (Levels 2-4)
20 Pages
2 hours

What do Monarch butterflies have to do with the Day of the Dead?

These materials contain two, two-page readings in Spanish and a 10-segment activity sheet to accompany the documentary "Here Come The Dead", which can be previewed on YouTube.

The first reading explains the migration of Monarch butterflies in detail.

The second reading explains the Monarchs' significance in the day of the dead.

The three-page handout to accompany the "Here Comes the Dead" video includes a variety of short activities (summaries, CLOZE transcripts, reflection questions, comprehension questions) to use at strategic stopping points during the 10 minute video.

Both readings include complete glossaries, and 10 comprehension questions are included for the reading about the Monarchs and the Day of the Dead. A projectable version of this reading is included as well.

Finally, a coloring page featuring a Monarch butterfly is included along with a suggestion for a wrap-up/reflection activity.


  • My students loved learning about the monarch butterflies. Most of them thought that symbolism was very beautiful. High engagement. 

    Alejandra B.
  • I probably enjoyed this just as much if not more than my students. It was engaging and interesting. Perfect for what I needed! 

    Heidi Schlegal
  • You can't go wrong with Martina Bex for comprehensibility! My students enjoyed learning about the Monarchs and growing their vocabulary to talk about something they had never learned about previously.

    Terri M.
  • My students loved it as a Dia de los Muertos activity! It was very informational and the topic was completely new to them, even though they have been doing Dia de los muertos activities for years. Thank you!

    Cristina E.
  • Every year my Spanish 3 students make an ofrenda for a famous hispanic person. Since my Spanish 3 and 4 often are put together as one class, I give the seniors the option to do something different. This worked perfectly. When the Spanish 3 students researced and taught everyone about their person, one of my seniors researched and taught everyone about monarch butterflies! I loved being able to give her research materials that were all in Spanish. 

    Barbara Y.

El Día de Muertos and Las Mariposas Monarcas


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