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El Día de Muertos | Readings and more in Spanish

Scaffolded reading and activities in Spanish. 

Novice (Levels 1-2), Intermediate (Levels 2-4)
40 Pages
1 week

Teach your students about El Día de Muertos--all in Spanish! These Day of the Dead lesson plans are the most popular and highest rated plans available on TpT. Here's why:

These readings, slideshows, and additional activities will simultaneously share the joy of El Día de Muertos and continue your Novice Mid+ Spanish learners' progress toward language acquisition. There are enough plans for 5 days of lessons, depending on the length of your class periods.


  • A three-level embedded reading
  • Three short videos to use
  • A detailed MovieTalk script with simplified reading and activities
  • A slideshow describing elements of the celebration in Spanish
  • An online storybook
  • A song with lyrics activity
  • An infographic webquest
  • A writing activity
  • Craft ideas
  • Link to additional resources
  • Step-by-step instructions for using the resources provided
  • A Caretaker letter that you can share with caretakers who are concerned about studying this celebration - it explains the history of the celebration and provides them with translated versions of all discussion questions and texts
  • Paperless versions of all activities

All materials are provided in PDF format.



  • Paired this with watching "Coco" for about 30 minutes every day for a week and my students were SUPER engaged. They learned so much and kept referencing back to certain activities that we did. 

    Abbey Allison
  • I have used this resource over and over again with my classes as an introductory unit on Day of the Dead. It is engaging, easy to use, and the video/short film links are fantastic. Highly recommend!

    Lee B.
  • One of my FAVORITE LESSON PLANS from Comprehensible Classroom!!! So thorough and so many options on what to share with my classes! Everything is EXCELLENT! My only disappointment is that I never have enough class time to "DO IT ALL" !

    Karen W.
  • Good reference for intro to Dia de Muertos. This gives an excellent intro without too much insight into the holiday. Will definitely use in the future. 

    Katherine F.
  • My students and I really liked this resource! I can't say enough good things about The Comprehensible Classroom's resources. Students are able to learn about Spanish culture through the language. The reading passages have great supports (cognates and bolded words with the English at the bottom of the page). I like that there is such a wide variety of activities to use in this lesson plan too. I plan to continue using it with my classes!

    Karisa S.

El Día de Muertos | Readings and more in Spanish


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