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El Día de Muertos | Los alebrijes de la Ciudad de México

A reading with activities to learn about Los Alebrijes de la Ciudad de México. 

Intermediate (Levels 2-4), Novice (Levels 1-2)
Google Drive
4 Pages

The Alebrijes parade is one of the most popular and iconic events leading up to el Día de Muertos in Mexico City. This product includes two versions of a reading about the parade and the history of alebrijes, along with 1-page of comprehension activities to accompany each text.

These resources are provided as a printable PDF and in Paperless Google Slides format so that they can be used with ALL students, regardless of instructional setting. These readings are best suited for Level 2+ Spanish students.

This product is a collaboration between Nelly Andrade-Hughes of Comprendes Méndez Spanish Shop and Martina Bex of The Comprehensible Classroom.


  • This worked amazing with my older kids, again the information is accurate and I’m happy that I don’t have fact check everything. 

    Ana Garcia
  • I enjoyed this lesson and so did my students. Many were familiar with them, not by name but the concept, thanks to the movie. I followed this up with a really cool "quiz" from a different TPT store, that helped the students find out what their alebrije would be.

    Melanie D.
  • I loved this resource because I have tons of material on Dia de los muertos, but not a lot about the cultural product of alebrijes. This allows me to discuss a new aspect of the traditions of a famous and yet often stereotyped holiday in Spanish-speaking countries. Very well made and engaging.

    Deirdre K.
  • Exploring cultural products and practices in the target language is the best approach to a cultural unit. Thank you for facilitating that!

    Sra Hart
  • I am using this as a jump-off activity to have students narrate a story about a prehistoric fantasy creature in the past tense.

    Jillian M.

El Día de Muertos | Los alebrijes de la Ciudad de México


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