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La leyenda del cempasúchil | The Legend of the Marigold

Multi-version readings and activities on The Legend of the Marigold

Novice (Levels 1-2), Intermediate (Levels 2-4)
11 Pages
90 minutes

This Aztec legend is perfect for Day of the Dead! The traditional legend explaining the origin of the cempasúchil--the "flor de los muertos"--is written in easy to understand Spanish, perfect for typical Level 2 students.


  • three versions of the legend in Spanish: same text but with different supports (footnotes, clipart illustrations, or nothing)
  • a teacher re-tell script with comprehension questions to "ask" the story after it has been told
  • a CLOZE version of the story
  • detailed suggested lesson plans to spend 90-120 minutes with this legend that includes illustration and student re-tells



  • Loved this resource! It was nice to focus on a different aspect of Día de Muertos. I introduced this unit with a brief presentation on "borrowed" words from nahuatl and it was great! Thank you as always for quality resources!

    Melina M.
  • I used this resource as it went well with Avancemos 2 Unit 4.1 with legends and myths. My students really liked reading this together and the activity was very engaging. It was very comprehensible for my Spanish II students :)

    Alexandra Bates
  • This is a great way for students who have already taken Spanish before and learned about Day of the Dead to further their knowledge.

    Proficiency and Paletas
  • This was a wonderful culture resource. i followed up this reading with making paper cempasuchiles and it was a great lesson.

    Nila Luccarelli
  • Exploring cultural products and practices in the target language is the best approach to a cultural unit. Thank you for facilitating that!

    Srta. Hart

La leyenda del cempasúchil | The Legend of the Marigold


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