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Houdini Storyboard

April 12, 2012

Just had to post this because my students are so amazing! My students read Chapter 7 of "El Nuevo Houdini" on their own a few days ago. They had some "key questions" that they had to make sure that they were able to answer as a self-comprehension check. They each wrote a summary sentence for the chapter, and we shared and discussed them with each other.

The next day, I read the same chapter (Chapter 7) aloud to my students while they drew a mural. Then, they shared their murals with at least five classmates using the simultaneous presentation format. They are such incredible artists! I was planning on choosing one after class and projecting it the next day for students to do a re-tell before we move on to chapter 8, but I couldn't do it because there were just too many beautiful murals. I can't believe that they draw better FAST than I do EVER. Sigh. Here are a few of my favorites: Chapter 7 storyboards

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