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El Nuevo Houdini, Chapter 9

March 19, 2013

Before we jumped into Chapter 9, we did a little prediction!

I gave my students this pre-reading writing prompt for discussion: El Capítulo 9 de El Nuevo Houdini se llama "Una foto especial". ¿Quién va a estar en la foto? ¿Quién va a sacar la foto? ¿Qué van a estar haciendo las personas en la foto?

Students did the pre-reading activity, and sent the images that they created to me.

I showed each image to the class, and we discussed "¿Por qué es una foto especial?"

Time to read!

I read the chapter aloud to the students., then we discussed the questions included in the Teacher's Guide

After our shared reading, the students re-read the chapter on their own and completed this reading guide.

Post-reading group work

Students worked in pairs or groups of three students to complete the Categorías activity in the Teacher's Guide. I made a re-usable class set of the pieces so that I can use it year after year!

Cultural content connection

I projected the reading from the Teacher's Guide about Adolescentes en México, and we read and discussed it as a class, comparing their lives to the lives of my students.

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