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Verb poster

August 17, 2012

I checked another item off of my long-time to-do list today: give my verb chart a face lift. As most TPRSers do, I introduce verbs to my students in their third person singular forms (with a few exceptions). Instead of teaching conjugations in the traditional way and asking my students to memorize verb charts, they learn that tweaking the letters at the end of each verb changes the meaning. Switching the last letter to an 'o' means that I am the person doing it, while adding an 's' means that you are the subject. Switching the ending to '-ando' means '-ing'...etc. I have had an ugly but effective handwritten poster on my wall for the past three years, and I swore that I would not staple it back up on my wall this year. Mission accomplished! The file is in my Google Drive posters folder, so you can download it and cut and paste to your heart's content in order to create your own! CLICK HERE TO ACCESS MY GOOGLE DRIVE POSTERS FOLDER.

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