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Question word posters en français and new additions

September 8, 2015

Yippee Yay! Dana Wilson emailed me most of the French translations of my Spanish question word posters earlier this week, and Catherine Ousselin (@CatherineKU72) helped me out with a few more! Mercy beau coup! Click on the image to download the file.

What else is new for the 2015 school year? Check out these recently added products:

Click on image to view plans

Learn about the meaning and history of the word "gringo" while targeting Preterite Stem Change verbs with this mini-unit. Leave the reading as a sub plan, or maximize the CI by working through the projectable version of the reading as a class!

Click on image to view plans

Teach students about La corrida de toros, completely in the target language, as early as the first quarter of Spanish 1! If you follow my Spanish 1 curriculum, don't purchase this product--it overlaps with some of the materials from Unit 5. Be on the lookout for an extension pack at a reduced price soon!

Click on image to view plansClick on image to view plans

Teaching grammar is a crime!...but not if you can do it through comprehensible input. These lesson plans target the estar + past participle construction under the guise of a crime scene investigation.

Click on image to view plansClick on image to view plans

Teach your students everything that they ever wanted to know about the Spanish Christmas lottery with these cultural lesson plans that are pulled from Unit 25 of my Somos curriculum --perfect for a Spanish 2 holiday lesson!

Click on image to view plansClick on image to view plans

Alright, this isn't exactly new, but I want to make sure that you see it again as you start a new school year! Mafia is THE BEST EVER COMPREHENSIBLE INPUT game! Click here to read about my obsession with it and why I believe that it is so perfect for CI classes, or just click on the image to download the free game template.

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