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Somos 2 Unit 13

The Somos Curriculum for intermediate learners

Intermediate (Levels 2-4), Advanced (Levels 4-AP)
67 Pages

These four-day, comprehensible input lesson plans will target the Spanish construction 'estar + past participle" by sandwiching traditional grammar notes in the middle of a crime scene investigation activity.


  • two 'crime scenes' to analyze
  • a slideshow with 30 slides that include contextualized examples of estar + past participle to discuss the crime scene in PDF and PPT formats
  • an observation form
  • five input-based activities for stations that give students additional readings
  • fill-in grammar notes and answer key
  • two follow-up activities
  • daily warm-ups
  • complete lesson plans for the teacher

There is no single 'answer' to explain what happened in the crime scenes. Students will make observations, discuss possible scenarios with their classes, and arrive at their own conclusion!

  • I used this resource to supplement a very grammar-heavy textbook, and my students were so engaged in it. They loved learning this way. 

    Abby I.
  • I was looking for something else than the textbook to go deeper with the past participle. This ressource was perfect for my students! Engaging, fun, perfect!

    Annie B.
  • Great activity! In my class, I did introduce the estar concept + the past participle with this solve the scene crime activity. I love that after showing the students the slides we have a Q & A section and they came out with all these kinds of mental picture ideas to solve the crime.

    Spanish At the Beach
  • So engaging! Loved doing this! I really wish there were a crime scenario to reveal at the end beyond what students come up with and what other teachers have shared. Otherwise, it's awesome work! Thank you!

    Profe Murray
  • I used this as a review. My kids greatly benefitted from it. They were struggling badly from online learning and this helped.

    meg A.

Somos 2 Unit 13


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