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El Sorteo Extraordinario de Navidad cover 2023231 1

El sorteo extraordinario de Navidad

Unit plan and activities to learn about the Spanish National Christmas Lottery

Beginner (Level 1), Novice (Levels 1-2)
110 Pages
1 week

Unleash the ilusión de la lotería in your Spanish classes this holiday season!

Use this 6-7 day unit to teach Spanish 1 and 2 students about the Spanish Christmas Lottery. This is the perfect way to bring the holiday spirit into your classes without working with any specific religious holiday. Other than its name, the annual December 22 lottery has nothing to do with Christmas!


  • activities for multiple authentic videos, including commercials, news stories, movie trailers, songs, and clips from TV programming
  • a song activity with artist biographies in Spanish
  • a 91-page slideshow that contains Spanish-language readings suitable for Spanish 1 students and beyond about the history of the lottery, the prizes, how the ticketing system works, the way that the lottery is announced, and a story about the winner of the Gordo
  • discussion questions for all slides
  • activities to practice large numbers in Spanish
  • several writing activities
  • communicative activities

Follow the step-by-step instructions, or use the raw materials combined with your own creativity and flair to create a memorable lotto lesson that is uniquely yours!

Note: DO NOT PURCHASE this product if you have purchased or plan to purchase UNIT 25 of the «Somos» Spanish 1 curriculum, "Cuesta demasiado", as this lesson is contained within that unit. UNIT 25 introduces key vocabulary through storytelling that will help students to understand the Sorteo materials before jumping into the cultural component.



  • Holidays in other countries is always a popular study for my students. This unit did not disappoint! The variety of activities that are contained in this unit are numerous. It's great to be able to do as many as I'm able to fit into our schedule, especially if there are snow days. 

    Kristy V.
  • Students loved the movie talk that goes along with this topic! It definitely is one of my favorites, too. I love how organized the entire unit was!

    Las Clasesde Sra Maroo
  • My students enjoyed these lessons. Watching the anuncio each year might become a Spanish class tradition. Highly recommend. 

    Mary C.
  • Kids loved this unit from Spanish 1 all the way to AP! It was an easy day for AP of course, but they were still super Into the unit and did even more research about the sorteo. Thank you!

    Keely E.
  • Another wonderful resource from Martina. Love this mini unit and my students really enjoyed it. I used this with my level one students with vocabulary support!

    Kelly D.

El sorteo extraordinario de Navidad


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