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Muñecos de nieve Picture Talk + Glyph 4271575 1

Muñecos de nieve | Glyph and picture talk

Reading and personalized discussion activity for Novice Spanish

Multi level
3 Pages
30 minutes

The perfect winter activity for Spanish classes! Tackle personal description with input.

Step 1: Describe images of snowmen to your students in Spanish (10 images plus description scripts are included).

Step 2: Play the Plate Sketch Game: students draw a snowman as per your instructions on a plate that they place on their head. (Script plus extension ideas are included).

Step 3: Students create a snowman Glyph, adding details to a snowman based on how they respond to personalized questions. (Glyph worksheets included). Learn more about Glyphs here!

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  • My middle schoolers absolutely loved this and learned the vocab quickly. They laughed for quite a while when we got to the doll. Great idea! 

    Jennifer K.
  • This was a fun way to review some vocabulary and get input and output from my students. We talked about each other's snowmen and it was also great for community building as it got the students talking more about themselves.

    Karen R,
  • Thank you for the lovely winter resource. The pictures were interesting, and the glyphs were fun to color and create! Perfect comprehensible language for my novice learners.

    Kelly S.
  • This material is great - I like the options available for ways to use it, and my students found it engaging. And very little prep on my part!!

    Suzanne M.
  • My students decided to make up their own special day called "Frosty Day" - in order to keep the lessons going in Spanish, this was the perfect resource to keep them engaged. They loved the slideshow with the different snowmen and the plate activity. It was a really fun day and everyone was engaged and felt confident in their abilities. A great review of body parts too! Highly recommend!

    Kristin K.

Muñecos de nieve | Glyph and picture talk


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