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Cascarones | Reading and glyph

Informational reading and personalized glyph - perfect for Semana Santa!

Beginner (Level 1), Novice (Levels 1-2)
4 Pages

This product contains a short reading in simple Spanish (comprehensible for students in Spanish 1) about Cascarones and seven application questions (also in Spanish), to which they respond by coloring in a glyph according to their answers.

Get the digital / hybrid version of this resource here.

This Cascarones product is included in this Semana Santa bundle.


  • My students loved learning about cascarones and the tradition behind them in the Latin American countries. We loved the glyph, too! We didn't have the resources to make them in class, so I ordered some and we celebrated and took them outside to break them over each other's heads and spread some good luck. 

    Kristin C.
  • Kids enjoyed this reading and learning about Cascarones. The Glyph was a fun way to personalize the information!

    Jan B.
  • Did this as part of a lesson over multiple days where we learned abut Cascarones and then actually went outside and broke cascarones over our heads. So much fun! The students really enjoyed it!

    Terri M.
  • Used comprehensible reading to introduce students to cascarones. Then, used actual cascarones in class to celebrate the last day of school for seniors!

    Melissa B.
  • This fit perfectly into my Easter plans and I loved the personalized questions. 

    Tapanga Burgess

Cascarones | Reading and glyph


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