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Images With Description in Spanish and More
Beginner (Level 1), Novice (Levels 1-2)

This product contains a slideshow featuring eight images and descriptions of important elements of Semana Santa celebrations in Spain. The descriptions are written in Spanish and suitable for most second year Spanish classes.

The product includes a slideshow, a 2-page printable version of the slideshow, a one-page comprehension activity, and 25 questions and instructions to play the Unfair Game to review the information.


Please consider using this very basic reading with Spanish 1 or BEFORE reading this Semana Santa en España slideshow

Click here to view this detailed Semana Santa lesson plan packet--the most popular and highly-rated Semana Santa activities!

This reading about Cascarones with glyph activity is another perfect addition to a Semana Santa unit!

Or, get ALL of these products when you purchase this Semana Santa bundle!

  • This was a great activity for my Exploratory Spanish class....we were only two weeks into the quarter, and they still understood the reading (with a little guidance). What a great confidence booster for them....along with some great cultural info!

    Nicole N.
  • I used this the first day back from spring break, which lined up perfectly with Semana Santa! I love that my middle schoolers were able to use the cognates and their previous knowledge to read this with understanding.

    Tapanga Burgess
  • Semana Santa can be a touchy subject in public school, but this resource was great! It taught culture without crossing the boundaries!

    Profesora Creadora
  • A great comprehensible reading to introduce students to Semana Santa! A great activity for before or after spring break when you are looking to pace you semester well.

    Katie E.
  • I used these reading for my middle school classes and they were super helpful for our reading component. Thanks!

    Grace O.

Semana Santa en España


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