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Semana Santa | Readings + #authres cultural activities

A basic reading about Semana Santa with comprehension questions

Beginner (Level 1), Novice (Levels 1-2)
31 Pages
3 days

This lesson plan bundle will introduce your students to the major components of Semana Santa. The language is designed to be comprehensible for late-Spanish I/Spanish II students, but it can obviously be used in any level beyond that. The bundle includes:

  • A basic reading about Semana Santa with comprehension questions
  • A more detailed version of the first reading with comprehension questions
  • Pre and post-reading discussion questions for both readings
  • A video activity
  • A "paso" project with writing assignment and rubrics for Novice Low through Advanced Low
  • An infograph activity
  • A slideshow reading in Spanish with images about Central America's sawdust carpets
  • Step-by-step lesson plans explaining how to use the materials provided
  • Answer keys

The slideshow is editable and compatible with Google Slides!

These plans should last you at least three days, and more if you allow students to work on the project in class.

Please consider using this EXTREMELY basic reading before beginning these activities.

Consider using this Semana Santa en España slideshow reading and activities in other levels.

This reading about Cascarones with glyph activity is another perfect addition to a Semana Santa unit!

Or, get ALL of these products when you purchase this Semana Santa bundle!

  • My students absolutlely loved getting to do this activitry in class. Thank you for taking the time to put something together that brought so much laughter and joy!

    Gloria P.
  • This was a great recourse to use with my all my Spanish classes. My students enjoyed learning about Holy Week. Great resource for the days before Spring Break.

    Ruth G.
  • This is the most thorough presentation I have found on talking about La Semana Santa! Over the years I have learned that so many students are completely unaware of these culturally significant celebrations celebrated around the world! I am grateful for being the one to share them with my classes and grateful to Martina for creating such a wonderful week-long lesson plan! Some years I can only share snippets of it, but it's always well received!!

    Karen W.
  • Students liked reading about hte cultural differences. I like that the lesson was well put together with questions and visuals.

    Lorena D.
  • Excellent array of activities, infographics and readings with questions adaptable to various levels to explore Semana Santa. Excellent resource! 

    Shannon V.

Semana Santa | Readings + #authres cultural activities


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