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Cascarones | Hybrid resources for Spanish class

Hybrid resources including reading, glyph and article about cascarones

Beginner (Level 1), Novice (Levels 1-2)
Google Drive
10 Pages
1 hour

Teach your Level 1-2 students about cascarones! These materials are intended for a 45 minute class period. Materials are provided for Classroom learners, Livestream learners, Synchronous Virtual learners (teacher and students are virtual), and Asynchronous Virtual learners.

The materials include the following raw materials that are adapted for each setting:

  • a Spanish language reading that explains what Cascarones are (audio recorded by Native Speakers is available for asynchronous learners)
  • a Glyph with personalized questions for discussion
  • an article about Carnaval in Guatemala that mentions the use of Cascarones

Get the traditional, non-digital version of these materials here!


  • After taking a few minutes to figure out the digital Cascarones, students loved learning about Cascarones. I always enjoy using Martina's resources. They are always well thought out and show you, as the teacher, how to implement them. Students are always engaged through interesting topics and CI. Thanks!

    Leigh Ann Nesbitt L.
  • Did this as part of a lesson over multiple days where we learned abut Cascarones and then actually went outside and broke cascarones over our heads. So much fun! The students really enjoyed it!

    Terri M.
  • Great quick lessons on Cascarones that we used right before Easter. The Comprehensible Classroom comes through for me AGAIN!

    High School E.
  • I loved the variety in this set. Our favorite activity was definitely the Cascarones Glyph! Gracias for all the hard work that went into creating these resources!

    Lindsey M.
  • We were doing in-person learning, but I left this on Google Classroom as sub plans for a day that I was out (and my subs never know Spanish). It was perfect for independent learning.

    Lauren S.

Cascarones | Hybrid resources for Spanish class


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