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La Geografía de América del Sur 3151189 1

Geography of South America coloring activity in Spanish

A reading and coloring activity on the geography of South America.

Beginner (Level 1), Novice (Levels 1-2)
3 Pages

Students will read a series of descriptions in Spanish, each one matching one or more countries in South America. They answer each question by referencing the labeled map that is provided and color the country as indicated by the instructions.



  • I keep these as a student choice activity during free time or for fast finishers. A little geography practice never hurts according to our Social Studies teacher.

    Robyn D.
  • I finally found a great way to review the Spanish- speaking countries with upper level students instead of just labeling a map.

    Elizabeth B.
  • Great resource! Easy to read for beginner Spanish or at beginning of the school year. I teach geography with Spanish level 2 students and they are successfully able to comprehend text because of cognates. 

    Mucho Gusto
  • This would be great to leave for a substitute day activity, in addition to how I use it which is at the end of our weekly highlight of each S.American Spanish-speaking country.

    Carissa N.
  • This was an excellent sub plan for my students during our Spanish-speaking countries unit. I had to include a a few more words in a glossary because they are novice level students, but they were able to complete it without any trouble! Excellent resource!

    Susanne S.

Geography of South America coloring activity in Spanish


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