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La República Dominicana simple reading 1661060 1

Simple reading and comprehension activities

Novice (Levels 1-2), Intermediate (Levels 2-4)

This Spanish-language reading is designed for Spanish 1 students and beyond to learn basic information about the Dominican Republic. It introduces the country's geography, political history, economy, and culture, as well as the importance of baseball and merengue.

The reading consists of one page of text and one page of 15 varied comprehension questions. It works well as a stand-alone activity (sub plan, fast finisher activity, etc.) or as part of a unit on the DR. Consider using it before reading the novel FELIPE ALOU: DESDE LOS VALLES A LAS MONTAÑAS by Carol Gaab (available from


  • This short lesson was so helpful when reviewing traditions in the Caribbean! I always have students study the route of Christopher Columbus and we talk about the implications of his travels. This is such a great way to show how much cultures have merged over time.

    Samantha F.
  • A very rare and wonderful resource that allows Spanish 1 students to read sophisticated cultural content. I can't praise this material enough. Thank you. 

    P D.
  • My students enjoyed reading about the Republica Dominicana. They were able to understand the majority of the handout and were intrigued to learn more about this country. 

    Sandra Flores
  • I love this resource. I use it regularly with a unit about the Dominican Republic and the novel Felipe Alou.

    Margaret E.
  • This resource was great. It provided good comprehensible information in Spanish that gave my students a good feel for the Dominican Republic.

    Amber W.

The Dominican Republic


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