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La Geografía de México reading 4518888 1
Novice Level Reading in Spanish + Digital
Novice (Levels 1-2), Intermediate (Levels 2-4)

This worksheet includes a reading in Spanish about the geography of México (regions, borders, mountain ranges, bodies of water, major cities, and regions/political division).

The reading is appropriate for late first year or second year students, and is accompanied by 10 comprehension questions and an activity with instructions to use the Internet to fill in a geographical map of Mexico (blank map is included).

Paperless/Digital versions of all materials are included.

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  • Great product which helps immerse students more into Mexican culture.

    Joel Gonzalez
  • This activity worked well for my dual language students who struggle with geography of Mexico 

    El Cafe de Senora Cafe
  • This was a great cultural and geographic resource! ¡gracias!

    Senora McCann
  • This is a unit that I have used for different levels and it is always a success. I like the layout, the activities and the content. 

    Carolina Ropero
  • My students loved using this resource. They were engaged in the resource. The only trouble about saving their work on Easel, but I printed copies and it worked. We discussed the questions together and found the correct information. It is a great resource to develop reading skills while learning about Mexico. 

    Margarita Locke

La geografía de México


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