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La Geografía de Guatemala reading 490074 1
Novice Level Reading in Spanish
Novice (Levels 1-2)

This worksheet includes a reading in Spanish about the geography of Guatemala (regions, borders, mountain ranges, bodies of water, major cities).

The reading is appropriate for late first year or second year students, and is accompanied by 10 comprehension questions and an activity with instructions to use the Internet to fill in a geographical map of Guatemala (blank map is included).

I used this activity as an introduction to the novel Esperanza, by Carol Gaab.

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  • This was a great activity to do before reading the novel Esperanza! I love how it was comprehensible and allowed us to stay in Spanish. I followed up with the Unfair Game using facts from the story and it went great!

    Sarah Gaffney
  • I used this as part of an introduction to Guatemalan culture. It was a wonderful resource for my students and very comprehensible. 

    Kim Marsh
  • This was a fantastic activity to extend our studies of Guatemala! I actually left it as a sub plan and students were able to easily complete on their own! ¡Gracias!

  • I used this during our book study of Esperanza, set in Guatemala. It really helped my students get a feel for the setting of the novel and learn about geography and culture.

    Profe J
  • I am so excited about using this week as I’m teaching Esperanza. Every single product I purchase from Martina is such high quality and super engaging. I love the graphics as well.. it makes me proud to present...makes me look really great lol

    Karen S.

La geografía de Guatemala


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