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La Gozadera by Gente de Zona ft. Marc Anthony

Song activities for Spanish class

Beginner (Level 1), Novice (Levels 1-2)
33 Pages
3 days

"La Gozadera" is a student favorite AND is rich in cultural references begging to be unpacked! This reggaeton-meets-salsa anthem from 2016 is perfect to use in Spanish 1 and beyond. The materials in this product can be used consecutively, in sequence, or the teacher choose to use one activity per day for a series of days while teaching other, possibly unrelated content for the remainder of each class period.

This activity pack includes

  • a discussion-based introduction activity that targets the verb 'divertirse' and the adjective 'divertido'
  • a Spanish language teacher script for the first 40 seconds of the music video to use for MovieTalk or for storytelling
  • a reading in Spanish about the meaning of the expression "se formó la gozadera" that is comprehensible for Spanish 1 students. The reading is included in handout and slideshow form.
  • a slide in Spanish with background information on Gente de Zona and the song Gozadera
  • comprehension questions and an informal creative writing activity based on the reading
  • a labeled map of the Americas with tasks to complete as students listen to the song (five tasks so that students can complete a different one on each of five listens)
  • a blank map of the Americas for students to label when ready
  • a lyrics page
  • brief, paragraph-length readings in Spanish about 'arroz con habichuela', 'la tambora merenguera', 'la sandunga (zandunga)', and 'bilirrubina'
  • comprehension questions for the lyrics and cultural readings
  • a Spanish-English lyrics translation page
  • projectable slides for all readings
  • answer keys
  • detailed lesson plans/suggested sequence of activities

The music video which you can preview here is likely not appropriate for all school settings. Many of the activities in this pack depend on the ability to see the music video, so if you should not show this video in your particular class situation, please do not purchase these plans. (I would have shown the video in my 6-8 public school classes, but I would not have shown it in my 6-12 parochial school classes.)

**This song is also available in the bundle of six Canciones contagiosas | Pack 1**


  • This was a great resource to use...I used it with my Spanish 2s as a fun Friday activity but focused my circling and explanations on the past tense aspect of it. Thanks as always for a great resource!

    Spanish con Profe
  • Love the geography tie-in to this lesson. The movietalk was compelling, the song is fantastic, so good! Love this resource! I have used this successfully in multiple levels, Spanish 1-3!

    Rachel T.
  • I used this as part of a music unit, and my students loved it. The song was definitely hard to understand as it is very fast, but this resource helped for sure!

    Tria P.
  • My students loved the song, and I loved all the activities provided to help students understand the song.

    Charise H.
  • The comprehensible classroom never disappoints. My students absolutely loved this resource. They were very engaged with all of the activities and loved the song!!!

    Stefannie A.

La Gozadera by Gente de Zona ft. Marc Anthony


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