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I swear by Voz a Voz

Song activities for Spanish class

Advanced (Levels 4-AP), Intermediate (Levels 2-4), Novice (Levels 1-2)
Google Drive, PDF
48 Pages

"I Swear" by the Dominican group Voz a Voz is sung in Spanish and English, making it ideal for first year students. Its repeated usage of the future tense makes it a great fit for students in Spanish 2 and 3! This product contains comprehensible input based activities that will fill 3-4 days of class. It includes

  • an extremely detailed description of a storytelling/Mad Libs activity to use with your class that will fill 60+ minutes of class time and help students to learn "daré", "haré", and "juro", in addition to providing extensive exposure to many different verbs in the future tense.
  • a slideshow to support the storytelling activity
  • a reading in Spanish about the group Voz a Voz
  • a song lyrics sheet with listening and comprehension activities
  • a writing activity
  • an #authres activity using an interview with one of the band members and including an additional comprehensible reading that is written in the past tense.

Use the lyrics sheet to present the song to your Novice Spanish students, then revisit the song in Spanish 2 or Spanish 3 and complete the remaining activities to target the future tense! The lesson plans contain readings and activities in the present, past, and future tenses: all are written with high frequency vocabulary, making them easy for even late-Spanish 1 students to comprehend all of the content presented.


  • Great product to reinforce the future! Detailed instructions. (And Voz a Voz's music video is quite entertaining!)

    Donna C.
  • Very complete! Student enjoyed creating their I Swear statements in Spanish.

    Profesora Delgadillo
  • I needed something to reinforce the future tense with level 3. Next year will introduce this in level 1, as suggested. Thank you!

    Lisa J.
  • This was definitely worth the purchase. What a FANTASTIC mini-unit!

    Emily Stricklin
  • Used it with my level 3 students to practice future tense. They really enjoyed it.

    Johanna B.

I swear by Voz a Voz


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