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La llamada by Selena

Song activities for Spanish classes

Beginner (Level 1), Intermediate (Levels 2-4), Novice (Levels 1-2)
3 Pages

In this lyrics activity, students must match the Spanish lyric with its meaning in English. They should try to match lines based on words that they DO understand, even though they won't understand everything. This file also contains a page of comprehension questions about the song that should be answered after the matching is reviewed (and students understand the meaning of the song in English). The questions are in Spanish and can be responded to in writing or discussed as a class. My classes used this activity while reading the novel Esperanza by Carol Gaab, to compare and contrast the phone call from this song with the phone calls received by the narrator in the first few chapters of the novel.


  • Music is so great to use, and this saves time trying to find lyrics and print of ahead of time. Great questions and the lyrics as a matching activity is awesome.

    Katie L.
  • We loved this activity! It went great as a follow up to chapters 1-3 of the novel Esperanza.

    Kristi B.
  • I use with Carol Gaab's Esperanza


    Sara Marruffo
  • My students love Selena and this lesson just let them do what they love.

    Julie C.
  • This is a great companion to my Selena unit. So easy to use and my students loved it!

    MillyBett L.

La llamada by Selena


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