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Andas en mi cabeza by Chino y Nacho ft. Daddy Yankee

Song activities for Spanish classes

Intermediate (Levels 2-4), Novice (Levels 1-2)
19 Pages

The song "Andas en mi cabeza" is a favorite of Spanish students, and these materials will provide you with many opportunities to listen to the song with different purposes in addition to helping students to understand the lyrics without explicit translation of the complete song lyrics. The materials in this product can be used consecutively, or the teacher can choose to use one activity per day for a series of days while teaching other, possibly unrelated content for the remainder of each class period.


  • a one-page biography of Chino y Nacho in Spanish with several comprehension questions
  • a music video viewing worksheet activity
  • a listening worksheet that includes activities for 3 listens of the song
  • a lyrics worksheet with matching Spanish-English lyrics
  • a matching paraphrases worksheet in which students match paraphrased stanzas of the song with the authentic lyrics
  • detailed lesson plans for introducing the song/suggested sequence of activities

The music video, which you can preview here, is appropriate to show in most middle and high school settings.

**This song is also available in the bundle of six Canciones contagiosas | Pack 1**


  • This was a wonderful activity for my Miercoles Musical! I used it for 2 days of class!

    Sra. Stevenson
  • This was an incredibly thorough 3 day lesson for my eighth grade Spanish-2 students. The activities kept them engaged.

    Christina Cantrell
  • My students loved the song. I tied in with the niña bonita song and the break up of Chino y Nacho duo. The students did a great write up about it and it gave them a fun way to engage. This is a great resource.

    María M.
  • The variety of activities is very appealing. They forget that they are listening to the same song multiple times because of the quality and variety of resources.

    Jennifer G.
  • I primarily used the reading activities but we did listen to the song. High interest and the students enjoyed learning about the artists. Anything with the word "rumor" grabs their attention.

    Erica M.

Andas en mi cabeza by Chino y Nacho ft. Daddy Yankee


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