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Todo cambió by Camila (originally) and Nota

Song Activities for Spanish 2
Intermediate (Levels 2-4)
4 Pages
1 day

Teach the preterite meaningfully in the context of culture!

Read about the band Camila and their hit song Todo cambió, which was later covered by the Puerto Rican a cappella group Nota. The reading is in Spanish and suitable for second year students!

The song activities are designed to help students notice the preterite tense in context. Students fill in the missing preterite verbs, then categorize them into -AR or -ER/-IR verbs, and finally fill in the blanks in a song summary by transforming the perspective from first to third person.


  • Love this idea and resource was well done as always but personally did not feel video was appropriate to show 8th graders. 

    Adriana B.
  • This song is always a class favorite! Easy way for students to remember third person preterite (all I have to do is say "cambió" and they remember the verb ending). 

    Elizabeth B.
  • Perfect activities for such a nice song. This is one of our class favorites. It was a fun and engaging lesson. So simple, but to effective. 

    Miriam Brady
  • Practicing verb conjugations have never been so fun! My students absolutely LOVE this song, and deciding which version they like best just adds to our conversation! The resource is simple to use and the students can't help but start singing and swaying!

    Christina T.
  • My students love using this resource and love this song. We do listen to both versions and vote on a favorite. Great way to keep them engaged and using the preterite tense. 

    Carrie Gomora

Todo cambió by Camila (originally) and Nota


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