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A las tres by Los Enanitos

Song activity for Spanish class

Advanced (Levels 4-AP), Intermediate (Levels 2-4)
4 Pages

This song is about an immigrant that lives and works alone (presumably in the US) for many years to provide for his family that lives in his home country. The lyrics talk about his emotions and the difficulties that he faces, and the music video shows the jobs that he does and how he sends money to his aging wife and child. He calls them every Sunday at 3pm, and that is the only connection that they have and that sustains him as they live separate lives.

This lesson plan includes an activity sheet with segmented song lyrics that students must match with more student-friendly descriptions, a projectable PDF of the lyrics, an answer key, and lesson plans that include pre-viewing and post-viewing discussion questions. This song fits in very well with any immigration unit or while teaching the novel 'Esperanza', by Carol Gaab.


  • Great song by a great band. Went well with the unit I did with my students.

    Michael E.
  • My students enjoyed this song and the readings. Thank you!

    Ellen R.
  • I love this song and video! I´m excited to use it with movie talk tomorrow. It fits so perfectly with your El Viajero lesson as a lead into Esperanza!

    Mikayla N.
  • This song is perfect for immigration unit. I was able to make this resource be digital did remote learning to engage students with the song and meaning.

    Melanie Thomas
  • I used this as part of an immigration unit with my AP students. It is suitable for lower levels as well, I picked it to help them analyze the lyrics and as a conversation prompt. Great resource!

    Genevieve H.

A las tres by Los Enanitos


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