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Cuando te veo by ChocQuibTown

Song activities for Spanish class

Beginner (Level 1), Novice (Levels 1-2)
25 Pages
1-2 days

Cuando te veo by ChocQuibTown is a wonderful song to use in Spanish 1 because of the simplicity and high number of repetitions of the hook, "Cuando te veo". It is a natural fit to use with SOMOS 1 Unit 2: El encierro de toros.

Listen to the song before purchasing here.

The song activities include:

  • a vocabulary introduction/discussion activity suggestion
  • a 15-slide adaptation of "The NewlyWed Game" with 15 scenarios and possible reactions written in Spanish that students within the first few weeks of class will be able to understand
  • two suggested narrow listening activities
  • an easy to understand overview of the band, their music, and the core members -- in Spanish!
  • detailed lesson plans

These materials will fill about 90 minutes of class time.

**This song is also available in the bundle of six Canciones contagiosas | Pack 2**


  • The students enjoy the song. The activities were a good way to get back into Spanish for my upper levels this fall, and I will be using it with beginning levels later this year. 

    Barbara Y.
  • I love this song and was SO excited to find this! My kids love this catchy tune that helps them remember a challenging verb. Mil gracias!

    Jamie A.
  • I love this song and so do my students. I love how the game sets the students up for success with the song!

    Anne G.
  • Used this after Unit 2 with my Spanish 1's. I love this song so I was excited to teach it and my students enjoyed it too! They were all super engaged with the first listen and drawing tally marks. One of the days I had a non-Spanish speaking sub do the activity with them and it went well! 

    Rachel T.
  • This was very comprehensive and a wonderful resource!

    Sra Stevenson

Cuando te veo by ChocQuibTown


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