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Échame la Culpa by Luis Fonsi & Demi Lovato

Song activities for Spanish class

Beginner (Level 1), Novice (Levels 1-2)
15 Pages

Released in November 2017, "Échame la culpa" is a fun, light-hearted collaboration between Luis Fonsi and Demi Lovato. The lyrics--which include one stanza in English that is repeated several times throughout the song--are appropriate for any school situation and are easy to understand in Spanish.

This product contains a lyrics sheet with three targeted listening activities and a 10-slide slideshow with readings describing various situations that will facilitate a class discussion and cement the meaning of the phrases "Échame la culpa" and "No me eches la culpa". It also contains a Spanish script to introduce the song to students with some background information about Fonsi and Lovato.

The music video for the song is not appropriate for all school settings. Please preview the video before purchasing the plans and decide whether or not you would be able to use the song in class knowing that the lyrics are entirely acceptable but the video might not be. The video is NOT used in these lesson plans.

Official Music video--Échame la culpa - Luis Fonsi & Demi Lovato

This product is a PDF download that contains a clickable link to a Google Drive folder. All files are in the Drive folder.

**This song is also available in this bundle of six Canciones contagiosas | Pack 2 **


  • A great, catchy song with awesome activities. My students loved it!

    Christian W.
  • My Spanish 3 students really enjoyed the introductory "My fault/Someone else's fault" activity. And I LOVE the variety of activity ideas that Martina provides for this song. Another great resource!

    Kimberly H.
  • Super fun resource! My students loved it and it got them talking in Spanish.

    Angela Azevedo
  • I pair this with SOMOS 2, Unit 12. Fits in well and is a great no-prep activity!

    Maggie M.
  • My students really enjoyed this activity! It helped break up the lesson of the current Somos chapter yet tied it in! It's a great song and the activity really help encourage great conversation in the TL. 

    Sara Becker

Échame la Culpa by Luis Fonsi & Demi Lovato


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