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Eres tú + Eurovision by Morta

Song activities for Spanish class

Beginner (Level 1), Novice (Levels 1-2)
50 Pages

Eres tú is an original song written for the 1973 Eurovision contest and originally performed by the Spanish group Mocedades. In 2017, the popular group Morat released a cover of this classic song.

These comprehension based lesson plans are designed for using Eres tú as a song of the week. Daily activities for five days are included (four solid days of lesson plans and materials and a fifth day of links to possible extensions).

This activity pack includes:

  • Slideshow + Stations readings in Spanish about Eurovision
  • Background information about Mocedades in Spanish
  • Song activity for Mocedades' version of Eres tú
  • Song lyrics activities (2) for Morat's version of Eres tú
  • A mad libs activity for Eres tú
  • Links to videos
  • Teacher scripts in Spanish
  • Step by step instructions for preparing and executing lessons
  • Answer keys


  • Great resource. I appreciate how you bring together so much cultural and geographic information to make our lessons more robust. ¡Mil gracias! 

    Ellen R.
  • Used during enrichment. Students had fun learning & reviewing.

    Jennifer H.
  • I didn't think my students would like the song, but I was wrong, oh so wrong!! The LOVED it and sang outloud! The lyrics are easy to understand and the CLOZE activity with multiple choice & illustrations made it more comprehensible. They also loved the Mad Libs activity and I used the suggested one by Bryce Hedstrom.

    Kristen L.
  • Such a fun activity! My students loved learning about Eurovision (I dare some say have developed a bit of an obsession). 

    Linda K.
  • This was an incredible, low preparation resource in which my students were actively engaged!

    Kimberly T.

Eres tú + Eurovision by Morta


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