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No tengo dinero by Kumbia Kings

Song activity for Spanish classes

Intermediate (Levels 2-4), Novice (Levels 1-2)
3 Pages
  • Thanks! My students loved the cumbia "Corre" by Agapornis in the Camina o Corre unit, so they were excited to hear another cumbia song. I did find that the activity was a little advanced for my Level 1 students.

    Cassondra P.
  • I love, love, love this song and so do my students! I introduced it during Unit 5 of SOMOS 1, and the activity was a little too advanced for my students. I could've scaffolded and provided lots of handholding to help them complete it successfully, but I just decided we would enjoy the song. You could easily stretch this out to a 25 or 35 minute chunk of time, though, if you chose to. High-flyers completed the activity, and other students did what they could.

    Susan B.
  • I used this resource during a mini unit of Juan Gabriel. I introduced the original version of this song and then, I introduced this version of the song. We did the activity and watched the video. The video is so much fun and this activity helped them understand the lyrics.

    Patricia S.
  • I have always loved this song and the group, and now, with this activity, I have been able to peak the "Kumbia King" interest of my students.

    Samantha F.
  • I bought this as a supplement. It is a catchy song and we had recently watched Selena so the students liked the connection to the artist!

    Jennifer M.

No tengo dinero by Kumbia Kings


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