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Tengo tu love by El Sie7e

Song activities for Spanish class

Novice (Levels 1-2), Intermediate (Levels 2-4)
55 Pages

This product will teach your students the song "Tengo tu love" by El Sie7e over the course of three days. Perfect for Spanish 1 or 2, the lessons are entirely in Spanish and focus on the structures "vale más que" and "tengo". 

The product includes:

  • Vocabulary introduction
  • A discussion based game
  • Discussion cards and slides
  • Song lyrics sheet
  • #authres reading comprehension activity
  • several readings in Spanish
  • Listening assessment
  • Writing assessment
  • Daily warmups
  • Detailed lesson plans
  • A slideshow in PDF and editable PPT formats


  • This was a perfect unit for comparing and getting the students to use a lot of Spanish to communicate their opinions.

    Samantha S.
  • I used this to kick off my unit on Uruguay and Pepe Mujica. My students loved it and engaged in great conversation.

    Kristen L.
  • Thank you very much for this resource. It saved me a lot of time and was meaningful for my students.

    Kimberly T.
  • I loved the slides and the activities to go along with this song. Thank you for creating these. 

    Jessica K.
  • This is a really fun resource! My students were engaged in the discussion prior to listening to the song. They loved it!

    Paola P.

Tengo tu love by El Sie7e


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