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Yo quiero que tu te enamoras151 Yo quiero que tu te enamoras152 Yo quiero que tu te enamoras153 Yo quiero que tu te enamoras154

Yo quiero by Gente de Zona ft Pitbull song activities

Song activities for Spanish class

Novice (Levels 1-2), Intermediate (Levels 2-4)

"Yo Quiero (si tú te enamoras) by Gente de Zona ft. Pitbull is EXCELLENT to use in Spanish classes. The lyrics are highly repetitive and feature high frequency vocabulary. Plus, it's got that Gente de Zona rhythm that students love!!

The materials in this product can be used consecutively, or the teacher can choose to use one activity per day for a series of days while teaching other, possibly unrelated content for the remainder of each class period.

This activity pack includes

  • an individual activity with manipulatives to sequence the chorus lyrics and match them with translations
  • a cooperative learning activity to use with the chorus lyrics
  • CLOZE song lyrics (minus the Pitbull rap)
  • a biography of Gente de Zona
  • complete song lyrics (including the Pitbull rap, which has a questionable lyric in it)
  • detailed lesson plans for introducing the song/suggested sequence of activities

You can preview the lyrics video here

(no official music video is available). Please pay special attention to the Pitbull rap, which may make the song unusable in some class settings.

**This song is also available in this bundle of six Canciones contagiosas | Pack 1 **


  • I absolutely love incorporating songs into lessons. This is a catchy song and I love this resource!

    Rebecca W.
  • Love this activity. It really sparks my students interest. 

    merry sara M.
  • This music guides are great! They help me to get the most out of music in my high school classes.

    Profe HB
  • Great resource. My students know and like Pitbull but so much of his stuff is not appropriate for a school setting. This song, though, is fine. Thanks for putting it together. 

    Angela I.
  • This is a great music activity that my students love. They were very engaged in the activities and it was easy prep for me. 

    Jennifer L.

Yo quiero by Gente de Zona ft Pitbull song activities


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