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Corazón sin cara by Prince Royce

Song activity for Spanish class

Multi level
16 Pages

This product contains a CLOZE song lyrics page for the song "Corazón sin cara" by Prince Royce, a biography of Prince Royce in Spanish that is comprehensible for Spanish 1 students early in the year, and instructions for using the song in class that will teach these four expressions to your students: nadie es perfecto, pide perdón, mírame, and (no) me importa. The plans will take 90+ minutes total. Plan for 30 minutes on the first day and 20 minutes on three subsequent class days.


  • Very thorough, as always! Love incorporating songs into class in a meaningful way.

    Mariza G.
  • A mis alumnos les encantó!

    Gina R.
  • This is always a great lesson for my students. They LOVE Prince Royce and his music.

    Samantha F.
  • Corazón Sin Cara was one of our mania musical songs and the students appreciated the opportunity to go more in depth with the lyrics and meaning of the song. Although the listening activity was challenging for some I liked the focus on the four structures and the overall meaning of the song. One of these words was our "frase secreta" for the week and several of the others keep coming up in other contexts which is perfect for acquisition.

    Lee B.
  • Songs have become my FAVORITE new thing to do with my Spanish classes. This is a wonderful resource to have! I am looking forward to collecting more of them! Muchas gracias :)

    Lacy B.

Corazón sin cara by Prince Royce


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