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Amor con hielo by Morat

Song activities for Spanish class

Multi level
66 Pages
3 days

The song "Amor con hielo" is a rock anthem that your students will LOVE, especially if they have some pent-up post-breakup range that they want to let out! These materials will help your students to understand the song lyrics and will provide them with many opportunities to listen to the song with different purposes.

The materials in this product can be used consecutively, or the teacher can choose to use one activity per day for a series of days while teaching other, possibly unrelated content for the remainder of each class period.

This activity pack includes

  • a one-page biography of Morat in Spanish with several comprehension questions
  • a parallel story in Spanish to help students understand the song and learn key vocabulary from it (slideshow and print versions provided)
  • comprehension questions for the story
  • 3 activities to complete while listening to the song
  • Spanish-English translation of the lyrics
  • a game/discussion activity for students to further familiarize themselves with useful expressions from the song; students must read quotes and decide whether the quote is showing "amor" or "hielo"
  • detailed lesson plans for introducing the song/suggested sequence of activities

The music video which you can preview here is appropriate to show in any school setting.

The product download is a PDF that contains a clickable link to a Drive folder that contains all materials.

**This song is also available in the bundle of six Canciones contagiosas | Pack 1**


Portions of the Amor con hielo song lyrics are used in this product in good faith belief that they their limited use is not in violation of copyright. An authorized agent of the copyright holder may respond to our multiple requests to grant explicit permission to include the lyrics at [email protected].

  • My students loved the song and I really like combining a story and a song! Great product!

    The Flipped Classroom
  • So much fun; the lyrics translation really helped the kids enjoy it more too

    Deirdre K.
  • Great for high school students in Spanish II. We used it during Valentine's Day and it made for great opportunities for. PQA's

    Jessica T.
  • Enjoyable and engaging. Students enjoyed all the activities.

    Steven B.
  • A fantastic song and equally excellent resource. I'm excited to use this again this year with my Spanish 3.

    Spanish with Profe Jennison

Amor con hielo by Morat


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