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Tú no eres para mí by Fanny Lu

Song activities for Spanish class

Novice (Levels 1-2)
4 Pages

This song lyrics sheet includes CLOZE lyrics that are missing all instances of "soy" and "eres", a Spanish-language reading about Fanny Lu that is comprehensible to Novices, and several comprehension questions (in Spanish) about the song. The song is readily available on iTunes and its music video is available on YouTube (preview it before showing it to your students to make sure that it is appropriate for your students to watch).

*Do not purchase this song if you teach «Somos» Unit 11 "Deportes en los países que hablan español / Las chicas no juegan al fútbol americano" as it is included in those lesson plans!


  • My students loved it. Eighth graders were able to complete all the activities. Sixth graders were able to read the bio, fill in the verb forms, and discuss what they thought the song was about. Some stretched themselves and tried to answer the comprehension questions.

    Kelly M.
  • Your music lessons are alaways excellent. Thank you!!

    Aprendemos Juntos
  • Awesome way to get Soy and Eres stuck in their heads.

    Puentes to CI
  • For those days when you just need a break or it is a low attendance day. 

    Ashley M.
  • This is a fantastic song to use immediately after Eres Para Mi by Julieta Venegas.

    Janna D.

Tú no eres para mí by Fanny Lu


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