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Robarte un Beso by Carlos Vives Sebastián Yatra

Song activities for Spanish class

Novice (Levels 1-2), Intermediate (Levels 2-4)
15 Pages
3-4 days

Robarte un beso is a heart warming collaboration between Carlos Vives and Sebastián Yatra, both Colombian singers with strong connections to Miami. The music video for the song features four stories of missed opportunities to express love (between a mother and son, a husband and wife, a boyfriend and girlfriend, and a middle school crush), and these materials work through those four stories before providing several opportunities to read through the complete song lyrics. Students in late Spanish 1 or early in Spanish 2 will be able to understand the readings from these materials with ease.

This product contains:

  • very brief artist biographies in Spanish
  • expanded backstories for each of the couples in the song
  • a glossary for the backstories readings
  • an illustration activity to pair with the music video
  • a dictogloss activity for the song chorus
  • a group reading activity that works with the 'interventions' from the song
  • an expanded reading of each intervention
  • two song lyrics tasks to complete while listening to the song.

These materials will fill 3-4 class days. In the plans, it is suggested to do one of the activities for the song each day for a series of days, leaving you time to work with other un-related materials in those class periods.

The music video for the song is appropriate for most school settings. Please preview the video before purchasing the plans. These lesson plans depend on the ability to use the music video in class.

Official Music video--Robarte un beso - Carlos Vives + Sebastián Yatra

**This song is also available in the bundle of six Canciones contagiosas | Pack 2**


  • Another excellent product from Martina. I had been looking for a way to use this song in class. The materials are perfect. I love how the background stories are presented in a comprehensible fashion. We only have one day to do the lesson, so I won't be able to use all the follow-up activities. But, they look great as well. 

    Brett T.
  • My students love this song and enjoyed being able to engage with it more. Martina always has quality products!

    Laura F.
  • This is such a rich resource! I bought it for some of the information it contained and just picked and chose the parts that I wanted to use because it was far more robust than what I needed.

    Kimberly H.
  • Lesson plan well structured and very engaging activities. 

    Stefannie A.
  • My students already love this song and really enjoyed digging deeper into it and spending more time with the artists.

    Amy D.

Robarte un Beso by Carlos Vives Sebastián Yatra


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