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Tan fácil by CNCO feat. Wisin

Song activities for Spanish class

Beginner (Level 1), Novice (Levels 1-2)
15 Pages

One of CNCO's first hits, "Tan fácil", is a perfect song for early Spanish learners to work with. The lyrics are easy to sing along with and highly comprehensible, and the band's back story as the product of a singing competition created by Simon Cowell is appealing to many middle and high school students!

The materials in this product can be used consecutively, or the teacher can choose to use one activity per day for a series of days while teaching other, possibly unrelated content for the remainder of each class period.

These materials are designed for early Spanish 1 students, and the activity pack includes

  • a reading in Spanish about the band with comprehension questions
  • a fictitious backstory reading about the song in Spanish with comprehension questions
  • a chorus lyrics activity
  • an additional reading about the fictitious backstory in Spanish with synthesis activity
  • a complete song lyrics activity (incorrect lyrics listening activity)
  • complete printed song lyrics
  • personalized questions
  • CLOZE song lyrics (minus the Pitbull rap)
  • detailed lesson plans for introducing the song/suggested sequence of activities

You can preview the song here.

**This song is also available in the bundle of six Canciones contagiosas | Pack 1**


  • 7.LA is OBSESSED with CNCO! this was the best way to start mania musical! INLOVEWITHIT 

    Samantha Forstrom
  • One of my students knew the group because she listened to them! Love the song.

    Brenda Daniel
  • My juniors adore this song. They added it to their softball warmup! :)

    Morgan D
  • I love CNCO! So glad I found this resource to introduce this boy band to my middle schoolers!

    Rocio M.
  • I love doing song studies, and I love this song! This is the first one I'm doing in my Spanish II class this year, and the materials provided give them lots of different ways to interact with the song. 

    Kate K.

Tan fácil by CNCO feat. Wisin


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