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Las Botas Picudas 317415 1

A reading with song activities in Spanish

Novice (Levels 1-2)
23 Pages
  • Very engaging topic and love the tie-in with Glee. I love that it introduces students to another style of music and the traditions that surround it!

    Anne W.
  • This activity elicits great responses from students- they’ve (usually) never seen anything like i!

    Suzie K.
  • Love the cultural aspect of this! Thank you for continuously creating a variety of wonderful materials! 

    Ellen R.
  • My students found this resource highly engaging and great fun! Thank you for keeping the 'chispa' going!

    Janet W.
  • I taught this lesson when I had heritage speakers and they were totally engaged in it since many had heard of las botas picudas before. Next I want to try to incorporate it into my Spanish I clothing unit that is coming up soon!! Such novel cultural points come to light with the help of Master Lesson Creator, Martina Bex! 

    Karen W.

Las Botas Picudas


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