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Huracanes en el caribe cover 1

Huracanes en el Caribe

Three day unit plans about hurricanes in the Caribbean

Novice (Levels 1-2)
50 Pages
3 days

Use this three day mini-unit to teach your students about hurricanes in the Caribbean: why is it that they occur so often in that region, and how do they affect Caribbean life? Students in late Spanish 1 will be able to understand all readings.


  • a one page reading worksheet that includes a reading in Spanish to introduce students to the topic and can be used as an activity or an assessment
  • a 20 page reading slideshow in Spanish with pictures to further explore the topic
  • a class discussion activity with math extension
  • a song with lyrics activity
  • an authentic reading with comprehension questions
  • a whole-class game to review and reinforce learning
  • an optional group discussion/speaking activity
  • daily warm-ups
  • detailed lesson plans
  • answer keys
  • a slideshow in PDF and editable PPT format that contains all warm-ups and readings

I teach this unit as a follow-up to Unit 22 of the Somos curriculum for Spanish 1, Los Tres Cerditos. All major vocabulary for this cultural unit is pre-taught in the Los Tres Cerditos unit.

Click here to view Unit 22: Los Tres Cerditos

This unit works well as an addition to any weather unit or geographical unit about the Caribbean.


  • Lots of information here. I used this as a sub plan when I was out for a couple of days not too long after hurricane María. I would suggest using this when you have a right-now current event tie-in like this.

    Diane V.
  • Used this towards the end of the the year with my level 1's to push in some more extensive weather topics for proficiency purposes. Like all of Martina's SOMOS units, the confluence of presentation, thoroughness, and engagement is the standard for all CI curriculum. Can't recommend enough.

    Paul R.
  • High quality resource. This topic was of high interest. Students learned a lot of vocabulary in context. 

    Lynn G.
  • So great to be doing some cross-curricular lessons and units with math and science being incorporated in Spanish! And students think hurricanes are pretty interesting!

    Alicia LeClair
  • These lessons worked great as an introduction to hurricanes during our natural disasters unit! Everything is organized, clear, and easy to follow. I was even able to adapt the unfair game to use online in my zoom class. Great!


Huracanes en el Caribe


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