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Mon Bonhomme de Neige |Winter glyph for French class

Winter Glyph for French Classes
Multi level
1 hour

The perfect winter activity for French classes!

Step 1: Describe images of snowmen to your students in French (10 images plus description scripts are included).

Step 2: Play the Plate Sketch Game: students draw a snowman as per your instructions on a plate that they place on their head. (Script plus extension ideas are included).

Step 3: Students create a snowman Glyph, adding details to a snowman based on how they respond to personalized questions. (Glyph worksheets included). Learn more about Glyphs here! Both printable and paperless glyph resources are included.

Get this activity in Spanish here.
Get this activity in English here.

The product is a PDF download that links to a Drive folder. Make copies of the resources in the Drive folder to edit!

For another wintry activity option, consider Traditions d'hiver | Winter traditions in French!

  • My students really enjoyed this activity. They teasingly said "that was actually fun"! We stayed in French and they enjoyed the opportunity to personalize.

    Jennifer B.
  • This activity is a BLAST! Students absolutely had a ball and it was a great stress-reliever on a dreary day, and the entire activity was in French to boot! MERCI!

    Sherri Higgins
  • This was a fun, comprehensible, and engaging no-prep activity for those long days before winter break. I appreciate the different options included with the activity, so I could personalize the activity to my class. 

    Holley F.
  • Very fun activity that my students loved and were very engaged with. They did not realize how much reading and comprehensible input they were actually getting in addition to a chance to express their creativity and just have some fun at the end of a long week of classes. 

    Irina K.
  • We had a blast with this!! It was hilarious to watch the students create the paper plate glyph. When they yelled it was too hard, I jumped it and had a student read while I drew the glyph. However everyone laughed once it was over and top 5 got prizes.

    Ashley R.

Mon Bonhomme de Neige |Winter glyph for French class


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