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Traditions d'hiver | Winter traditions in French

10 Francophone Winter Traditions with a comprehension activity and slideshow for each tradition

Beginner (Level 1), Novice (Levels 1-2), Multi level

Explore winter traditions in the Francophone world with this resource, which highlights 10 common traditions (listed below). We provide a one-page text in French, written with sheltered vocabulary to maximize student comprehension; a projectable version of each text; a comprehension page for each tradition; and a document of teaching ideas and several accompanying resources.

Students can read on their own about some or all 10 traditions, or the teacher can choose one or more to focus on for whole-class instruction.

Don't have time to teach about these traditions? No problem - add these texts to the classroom library or fast finisher folders, and allow students the opportunity to read about them on their own if interested.


  • Hanoukka
  • La bûche De Noël
  • La Chandeleur
  • La fête Des Rois
  • Le calendrier de l’Avent
  • Le Carnaval d’hiver de Québec
  • Le réveillon de Noël
  • Les chaussures devant la Cheminée
  • Les lettres au Père Noël
  • Les marchés de Noël 

Each text includes:

  • a printable text
  • a projectable text
  • a printable comprehension page
  • answer keys
  • a word cloud for RIP Bingo

Please note: Some of these traditions have religious connections, which are explained in the materials from a historical perspective.

For another wintry activity options, consider Mon Bonhomme de Neige | Winter glyph for French class!

  • These were wonderful for my fast finishers during assessment time. They were a huge time saver for me and interesting for the students.

    Shanda H.
  • This worked well for advancing beginners. The texts are not too long, and the layout is attractive. They allow for a lot of flexibility so I could have my more advanced students translate the texts, while the lower ones used the multiple choice format provided. 

    Clare C.
  • Another great way to introduce culture into lessons! There is a great variety of traditions, so I can choose which to use with different levels or choose specific traditions to focus on for all levels (choosing others the following year). It is great that it includes a slide presentation, readings, and quizzes.

    Cara O.
  • I was really happy with this resource. It is a nice way of introducing this material to my students and all with a dynamic feeling. I'll definitely look into buying more of this series.

    Lixiao W.
  • This is a great way to incorporate snippets of culture without overwhelming students. Keeping it in language that they're able to understand is paramount to helping them feel successful! 


Traditions d'hiver | Winter traditions in French


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