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Nochevieja | New Year's in Spanish: 12 uvas, 12 deseos

Students express their New Year's goals with this glyph activity.

Beginner (Level 1), Novice (Levels 1-2), Multi level
3 Pages
30 minutes

Support your students in expressing their goals for the new year!

This product is a glyph. Students read 12 sets of 3 choices and decide which goal from each set they would be most likely to set for the new year. An editable version of the glyph key is included so that you can modify the text to match the level and interests of your students!

NEW IN 2021: A Digital/Paperless version of the Glyph is also included. See link under "Materials"!

Learn more about glyphs here.


  • A great, comprehensible comprehensible reading. I broke up the reading even further with only 1-3 sentences per slide and lots of visuals to support comprehension.

    Samantha P.
  • This is a great little unit to do upon returning to school after winter break! The students enjoy learning about the tradition, and as always, the activities are top notch! I love all Comprehensible Classroom materials--can't go wrong! 

    Jaime L.
  • This was a great way to get students back into the groove after the winter break, and as a starting point for doing goal-setting for the upcoming semester.

    Jennifer L.
  • I offer this as a (rare) extra credit opportunity each year and use this to introduce the concept. It's fun, cultural, and engaging. Thanks!

    Lynn H.
  • One of my favorite lessons!! My students loved the activities and the discussions went well in the target language. Thank you again! 

    Jennifer F.

Nochevieja | New Year's in Spanish: 12 uvas, 12 deseos


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