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La januca1 La januca2 La januca3 La januca4

A series of texts exploring how Hanukkah is celebrated in four major cities in Latin America

Novice (Levels 1-2), Intermediate (Levels 2-4)
Google Drive
49 Pages
1 hour

Explore Hanukkah and how it is celebrated in four major cities in Latin America (CDMX, Santiago, Buenos Aires, Montevideo).

This product features a series of texts that are provided as printable resources as well as digital readings in an Interactive Slides format. Students MUST have online access to Slides or PPT in order to engage with the readings. Each text is written in Spanish and would be best suited for students in Level 2 and beyond that are accustomed to reading in the target language. It would probably be a stretch for students in Level 1 to read these texts in the fall of their first year!

After students read each of the texts about a celebration in a specific country, they will visit a special Interactive slide on which they will complete a processing activity. When finished, they move on to read about a different celebration.

A one-page comprehension activity is provided in both printable and paperless/digital format for students to complete after they have finished all of the readings.

The Interactive slideshow contains 47 slides, most of which contain 1-2 paragraphs of text. Reading and completing this activity will take at least one 45-minute class period, if not more.


  • I was happy to have these to share with my students. It helped some feel represented, while being able to share information about this celebration with the others who didn't know anything about it. 

    Leigh M.
  • A helpful resource to represent other cultures and beliefs, which is a great thing to build in the other holidays that happen in winter and are often covered in classes. 

    Gina G.
  • Saved me in a pinch! I needed a quick lesson and this popped up. I like how you showed the Jewish population in several different Latin countries. Thanks! 

    Ellen R.
  • After teaching Navidad for years, I decided to switch it up and teach Janucá. I was hesitant with my mostly Christian students, but they were very interested in the different traditions. I will be doing this lesson again next year.

    Sara H.
  • I used this with a free dreidle game that found (digital roll then move geld in a shared Gslide). I also had students listen to ocho candelicas SO, in a 40 min period there was not time to have them investigate the individual countries, but all levels were able to work through the intro slides & learn the history & meaning of Januca.

    Shannon T.

La Janucá en América Latina


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