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La corrida de toros

Bullfighting Cultural Unit for Novice Spanish
Novice (Levels 1-2)

If you purchased Somos 1 Unit 5, please be aware that about 30 percent of the activities from this unit are included in Unit 5--there is some overlap!

In this 7-day unit, students will learn about what happens during a bullfight and how and why it is a controversial practice. The unit centers on the basic structures "va", "tiene", and "está _".

This product contains:

  • detailed, 7 day lesson plans
  • daily warm-ups
  • a slideshow to accompany the materials
  • several pre-reading activities to access prior knowledge
  • an introductory activity about bulls
  • a basic reading in Spanish about bullfighters
  • an expanded reading in Spanish about bullfighters
  • a reading in Spanish about why some consider bullfighting to be an art
  • comprehension and analysis activities for all readings
  • two songs with lyrics and activities
  • a protest slideshow skeleton
  • a bullfight video viewing guide for the teacher
  • a bullfight video viewing activity
  • a re-enactment activity to practice TPR gestures
  • post-viewing activity
  • writing assessments
  • several reflection activities for the unit to build Global Competency
  • answer keys for everything

This unit is suitable for Novice learners. I use it in the second month of Spanish 1, but it is important to note that I use a curriculum structured around high frequency structures and thus able to complete this unit successfully. If you follow a traditional textbook curriculum, students might not be ready until the end of Spanish 1.

  • Absolutely LOVED this!!! My students were really into it too! Very comprehensible!

    Yelitza Cruz
  • This is a hard topic that I have not wanted to cover before, but felt I finally wanted to tackle it after seeing these great activities. This resource includes great information about why this topic is controversial and some of the points of view from both sides. 

    Christian W.
  • My students were very interested in learning about Bullfighting! The language in this resource was a bit too difficult for my 6th grade Exploratory Class, but we worked together to figure out the meanings using cognates, the vocabulary and pictures given!

    Laura M.
  • A wonderful resource to build awareness around this interesting cultural feature of parts of the Spanish speaking world.

    Brock S.
  • Engaging cultural lesson to support our study of Bianca Nieves y los siete toritos by Carrie Toth.

    Briana L.

La corrida de toros


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