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México lindo y querido - Javier Solís

September 8, 2012

México lindo y querido Javier Solís Mexican Independence Day Spanish class This is a great song to sing on Mexican Independence Day! I give a short intro to the video in Spanish, with a little background on Javier Solís and ranchera music, before we watch the video. The reading I use is in this file. Watch/listen to it several times while students complete the CLOZE lyrics ( The lyrics sheet can be downloaded here). Then, muster up all of your gusto and sing along with your students with your most dramatic voice, and I promise you will all have so much fun with this song!! For more activities to celebrate Mexican Independence Day, including a reading, a video, and a write-your-own Grito de Dolores activity, click here. [youtube=] Here is another version that came through the #flteach listserv thanks to Jeanne Freeman. I love this for many reasons, not the least of which is that one of the singers is from Tlaxiaco, Oaxaca, where I lived and served in 2006!! [vimeo]

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