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Storyasking is one of the core practices used in The Somos Curriculum®. However, not everyone loves storyasking (TPRS®), and that’s okay!

What is a Storybuilder?

The Comprehensible Classroom developed the Storybuilder™ line of products for students to be able to create stories on their own, mimicking the process of Storyasking that is used in The Somos Curriculum®. Instead of a teacher and students working collaboratively to co-create a story, an individual student uses a Storybuilder™ to create their own story by choosing between many pre-determined options that are embedded within a story.

These interactive slideshows provide students with reading input and are included with each unit of The Somos Flex Curriculum® as well as available for separate purchase.

Storybuilders make great reading material for language learning because readers are in charge of their own destinies: they exercise choice and voice as they read and determine how the plot unfolds! 

Furthermore, every Storybuilder is strategically written with a controlled, repetitive set of vocabulary that optimizes language processing and creates conditions that are conducive to language acquisition.

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